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[Newsletter 1] Department of International Studies Global Updates
Author Admin Date 2014.02.11 Views 1056

RUPP DIS's Newletter has published at this now!


1. An Upturn Relation of U.S. and Southeast Asia Nations after John Kerry’s Trips (P.3)
2. China’s Declaration of Air-Defense Identification Zone (P.5)
3. Korea’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) to Cambodia(P.6)
4. Myanmar Significant Gains from 27th Southeast Asia Game(SEA Game) (P.8)
5. Korean Peninsula: Tense Regardless of Tenses (P.9)
6. Mekong Dam Construction: Opportunity or Threat for Cambodia(P.11)
7. The Philippines Recovery from Haiyan Typhoon (P.12)
8. The First Riot in Singapore in 44 Years (P.15)
9. Presidency and Premiership of Conservative Leaders as the threat
to South Korea-Japan Relations (P.16)
10. Political Instability in Thailand (P.18)
11. ASEAN-Japan Commemorative Summit (P.20)
12. Iran in Nuclear Talks (P.21)

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