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No Subject Date Author Views
CDI-2018-1 Cambodia's FDI: Determinants and Effectiveness April 03, 2018 Admin 728
CDI-2017-03-003 Students' Food Consumption and Their Willingness to Pay for the Improvement of Safer Food March 28, 2017 Admin 798
CDI-2017-03-002 Case Study: Cambodian Teacher and University Student's Perspectives about Critical Thinking March 28, 2017 Admin 792
CDI-2017-03-001 Cambodian University Students' Perspectives on the Philippines' War on Drugs Policy March 28, 2017 Admin 1049
CDI-2016-01-003 The Relations between Smartphone Usage and Face-to-Face February 15, 2016 Hy Sotheara 815
CDI-2016-01-002 Free Flow of Skilled Labour within ASEAN February 15, 2016 Kao Sokheng 891
CDI-2016-01-001 DIS Students' Perceptions on Ethnic Vietnamese in Cambodia February 15, 2016 KOL SARPISEY LIM TEC 831
CDI-2015-02-005 The Determinants of Health ODA October 05, 2015 JiHyun Shin 746
CDI-2015-02-004 Effectiveness of Aid-for-Trade: Are There Strings Attached? October 05, 2015 Chanyou Kim 706
CDI-2015-02-003 How to Attract More Tourists to Korea? Possible Collaborations with China October 01, 2015 Wenjun Zhong 881

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