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About Ewha Womans University

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Ewha Womans University & Its Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS)

Ewha was founded in 1886, by an American Christian missionary, Mary F. Scranton, as Korea’s first educational institution for women. From the small beginning with only one student, Ewha became one of world’s largest women’s universities with 200,000 alumnae, 20,000 enrolled students, 1,500 professors and staffs, 30 departments and 60 research institutes.

In 1997, Ewha GSIS was established to produce the finest global leaders for the 21st century. With its world-renown faculty members and comprehensive Master and Ph.D. programs in the field of International Trade and Investment, International Business, Development Cooperation, and International Relations, Ewha GSIS graduates are working in governments, research institute, multinational corporations, and international institutions. Additionally, as a hub for training global leaders, over 850 students from 54 countries have studied / are studying at Ewha GSIS, including those from over 30 developing countries with Ewha-KOICA Master’s Scholarship Program. Ewha GSIS has been ranked number one by Korean Ministry of Education out of all Korean GSIS programs.

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