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Ewha-RUPP Joint Workshop
Author Admin Date 2014.04.30 Views 871

Prof. Jinhwan Oh, Director of CDI and 3 research associate of CDI, Younju Kim, Yunjung Kim, Jiyoun Cha took participate in Ewha-RUPP Joint Workshop, which was held in RUPP, Cambodia on April, 26.

They shared the RUPP's students study on Cambodia's ODA activities and development experiences in Asian countries and reviewed the students' research papers. In addition Prof. Jinhwan Oh had a meeting with RUPP's Vice Rector, Oum Ravy
, so they discussed for CDI-RUPP's joint activities and research plans for sustainable Cambodia development.

Moreover, he visited CKCC building and donated the books given by Ewha GSIS' professors to CDI's library in CKCC. Younju Kim, One of reseach associate also had a interview time with many Cambodian leaders and all the persons concerned of government, institute and university.

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