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[International Fund for Agricultural Development(IFAD)] Cambodia: Agriculture Development Support to Seila (ADESS)
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General Information Project/Program Project
Project Name Cambodia: Agriculture Development Support to Seila (ADESS)
Duration Board of Approval Date: Sept-1999 Closing Date: Sept-2006
Donor International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
Implementiong Organization Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF)
Sector and/or Subsector Classification Agriculture
Region Oddar Meanchey, Banteay Meanchey, Battambang, Pallin, Pursuat, Siem Reap
Financing International Fund for Agricultural Development assisted a loan of US 8.6 million dollars, Co-financed by the UNDP/AusAID for 1.78 million US dollars and beneficiaries of US dollars of 16,000. The total project amounted to US 11.5 million dollars.
Analytical Information Stakeholders International Fund for Agricultural Development, United Nations Development Programme, Australian Agency for International Development, Royal Government of Cambodia, Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, targeted households (64,500), affected households (64,500), provincial and district staff of the Provincial Department of Agriculture, Non-governmental Organizations, Micro Finance Institutions, Rural Development Bank, Project Service Unit, Seil Task Force, 640 Start Up Groups, civil society, commune councils, women.
Cross-cutting Issue Environment No cross cutting issues were mentioned.
Gender Effective in targeting women; out of 361,722 project beneficiaries 188,183 were women. In addition, the completion report states 12,372 of all loans (64%) were women.
Impact Analysis The completion report states the project is well aligned with the Government's Policy for Decentralization and De-concentration, and IFAD's country strategy.
Effectiveness Ownership/Partnership Evaluation Project coordination and management was done through the Project Service Unit. The completion report states all accountability regarding project design was given to IFAD as it was in charge of all project design. IFAD was however noted to be flexible during for project needs and supportive towards staff participation in workshops. Partnerships with the United Nations Office for Project Service was conducted to create supervision missions. The government delayed financial contributions during the early years. The completion report expresses the government's high commitment towards the project apart from the delayed financial contributions; excellent teams at the provincial level, high commitment towards NGOs/MFIs and stable project staff.
Rating 4/5
Policy Coherence/Harmonization Evaluation Harmonization of the Micro Finance Institutions and the Provincial Department of Agriculture was weakened as the IFAD decided to reduce their loan following the Midterm Review. In the supervision mission reports, the UNOPS warned about the major cash flow problems, but the IFAD did not recognize this as a problem and resulted in a failed adequate response. Contributions of the AusAID and the beneficiaries were provided through technical assistance; the UNDP's assistance played a crucial role in the success of the project. All financiers played a vital role and were effective.
Rating 4/5
Evaluation Framework Evaluation The IFAD designed the project to have an monitoring and evaluation system that proved to be cumbersome for provincial staffs and not workable. An NGO was introduced to initiate a Participatory Impact Assessment as an attempt to solve this problem. As the United Nations Office for Project Service drafted the supervision missions and reports, there were notable delays of submissions.
Rating 2/5
Alignment/Composition of Finance Evaluation The financial management and reporting was organized by the Project Service Unit. After the Mid Term Review, the loan of IFAD was reduced which affected the project heavily. The project set up two Special Accounts which were notified as inefficient. The government complied with all relevant covenants with the IFAD Loan Agreement.
Rating 3/5
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