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[Asian Development Bank] Education Sector Development Program
Author Admin Date 2016.02.21 Views 706
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General Information Project/Program Program
Project Name Education Sector Development Program
Duration Jun 2009-Dec 2012
Donor Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Implementiong Organization Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Sector and/or Subsector Classification Education Sector Development
Region Asian Development Bank
Financing 44.43($ million)
Analytical Information Stakeholders Asian Development Bank;Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport; The Government of Cambodia
Cross-cutting Issue Environment
Impact Analysis This validation finds the impact as likely to be moderate, based on a less than effective rating in attaining outcomes. However, it is also acknowledged that the program has contributed to improving enrollment, transition, and adult literacy. Also, the policy reforms, including the abolition of informal payments, the strengthening of financial planning and budgeting, guidelines on deployment and redeployment of education personnel, incentives for those in remote and disadvantaged areas, and curriculum development and adoption of new curriculum standards, are likely to have an impact on access and to a lesser degree on quality in the short to medium term.
Effectiveness Ownership/Partnership Evaluation The program maintained an excellent working relationship with the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport and the task force that implemented the project component, and with the project consultants.
Rating 4/5
Policy Coherence/Harmonization Evaluation One output of this program is Policy—This component promoted policies that would (a) assure increased resources to the education sector, (b) make access to education more equitable, (c) improve the quality and efficiency of education, and (d) strengthen managerial capacity throughout the sector and deconcentrate service delivery
Rating 4/5
Evaluation Framework Evaluation ADB facilitated the successful completion of the program by: (a) fielding 10 review missions; (b) monitoring program implementation and attending promptly to, and resolving emerging issues; (c) conducting field visits, which allowed tight supervision of civil works and improvements in quality; and (d) maintaining an excellent working relationship with the MOEYS and the task force that implemented the project component, and with the project consultants.
Rating 4/5
Alignment/Composition of Finance Evaluation This validation report agrees with the PCR findings and rates the sustainability of the program likely. However, no definite conclusion about the financial sustainability of the program can be drawn, as no financial sustainability analysis of the education sector was carried out for the PCR and no information is given in the report about the share of the disbursed recurrent education budget in the total disbursed recurrent budget of the government.
Rating 2/5
Other Remarks This validation exercise used data from the government’s PCR on the program loan, and ADB’s report and recommendation of the President and PCR, program approval note, minutes of the staff review committee meeting, and reports of loan review missions, including the midterm review.



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