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[Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)] The Project for Upgrading and Extension of Electricity Supply Facilities in Phnom Penh
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General Information Project/Program Project
Project Name The Project for Upgrading and Extension of Electricity Supply Facilities in Phnom Penh
Duration November 2004 - February 2006
Donor JICA
Implementiong Organization Electricite du Cambodge (EDC)
Sector and/or Subsector Classification Electrical Power
Region Phnom Penh
Financing 259 million yen
Analytical Information Stakeholders JICA, The Royal Government of Cambodia, Electricite du Cambodge(EDC), Cambodia's state-owned electricity company
Cross-cutting Issue Environment
Impact Analysis Achievements were seen in the project. It successfully reduced generation costs, and unit generation costs considering the significant changes in external factors such as escalating fuel prices. Also the generator has provided constant electric power in response to power shortages during the dry season and power outages in the supply area.
Effectiveness Ownership/Partnership Evaluation The project was donor-dependent. The donor installed power generating facility and provided technical assistant. During the period of the project, the recipient country did not have high degree of ownership.
Rating 1/5
Policy Coherence/Harmonization Evaluation The project had a high level of relevance in that the National Poverty Reduction Strategy (2002) listed the reform and strengthening of the power sector as priorities to improve the electrification rate for poverty reduction. Also it corresponded to the policy directions at both the time of planning and the ex-post evaluation. In short, the project is consistent with Cambodia’s development policy in terms of the aim of lower electricity supply costs.
Rating 5/5
Evaluation Framework Evaluation The evaluation team consisted of two experts and the evaluation was carried out from October 2011 to April 2012. The main object was to reduce generation costs through fuel system conversion from diesel oil to cheaper heavy oil for existing generation equipment. The outputs were subdivided: 1) procurement of equipment related to two diesel engine electricity generating units for fuel conversion and installation work on the existing equipment, 2) procurement of the mechanical auxiliary equipment necessary for the relevant facilities and installation work, 3) technical guidance for fuel conversion diesel engine power plants and 4) guidance on the combustion of fuel oil C and its operation.
Rating 4/5
Alignment/Composition of Finance Evaluation The project seems to be fairly sustainable. The power station has been operated after the one year warranty inspection without any accidents. Both the management and staff of EDC fully recognize the importance of the operation and maintenance of the generation facilities and associated elements, such as spare parts. But the executing agency will need to make further efforts to establish and maintain a stable financial structure due to the prospect of a nationwide cut in electricity rates.
Rating 4/5
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