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DB on Aid Activities in Cambodia

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News List
No Subject Date Author Views
184 [United Nations Development Programme] Health Sector Reform Phase 3 August 25,2015 Admin 637
183 [Asian Development Bank] Second Education Sector Development Program August 17,2015 Admin 737
182 [World Bank] Provincial And Rural Infrastructure Project August 17,2015 Admin 642
181 [Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)] The Battambang Rural Area Nurture and Development Project August 11,2015 Admin 641
180 [United Nations Development Programme] Building Capacity and Mainstreaming Sustainable Land Management Project August 07,2015 Admin 657
179 [World Bank] Rural Electrification And Transmission Project August 06,2015 Admin 633
178 [World Bank] Provincial And Peri-urban Water And Sanitation Project August 06,2015 Admin 670
177 [World Bank] Kh-education For All Fast Track Initiative Catalytic Trust Fund August 06,2015 Admin 682
176 [Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)] Science Teacher Education Project (Phase2) July 30,2015 Admin 734
175 [United Nations Development Programme] Trade Related Assistance for Development and Equity July 22,2015 Admin 660

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