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DB on Aid Activities in Cambodia

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News List
No Subject Date Author Views
24 [Asian Development Bank] Small and Medium Enterprise Development Program 36383 April 08,2015 Admin 606
23 [Asian Development Bank] Special Rehabilitation Assistance Project 25347 April 08,2015 Admin 620
22 [Asian Development Bank] Tonle Sap Sustainable Livelihoods Project 39603 April 08,2015 Admin 625
21 [Asian Development Bank] Tonle Sap Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project 34382 April 08,2015 Admin 626
20 [others] Agriculture Diversification and Smallholder Rubber Plantation Sector Project April 08,2015 Admin 936
19 [Australian Agency for International Development] Community-Based Avian Influenza Risk Reduction Program (CBAIRRP) for the Mekong Region Phase Two April 08,2015 Admin 575
18 [Australian Agency for International Development] Road Asset Management Project April 08,2015 Admin 623
17 [Australian Agency for International Development] April 08,2015 Admin 608
16 [Australian Agency for International Development] Improving the livelihood of vulnerable people through craft enterprise development and incomes generation in Mondulkiri province April 08,2015 Admin 554
15 [Australian Agency for International Development] Multi-Donor Support Program to implement the Strategic Framework for Development Cooperation Management April 08,2015 Admin 582

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