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No Subject Date Author Views
CDI-2014-01-001 Proliferation and Fragmentation: Uphill Struggle of Aid Effectiveness January 29, 2014 Yunjeong Kim 1632
CDI-2013-10-001 Mutual Priority and Aid Effectiveness: Is South Korea a Major Donor to its Major Recipients? October 13, 2013 Jinhwan Oh 982
CDI-2013-06-006 Dual Determinants: Aid Disbursement and Volume, with a Special Reference to Japan June 20, 2013 Jinhwan Oh, Jisun So 1013
CDI-2013-06-005 Relationship between Home Environment and Academic Achievement of University Students June 20, 2013 Pich Sokunthea,Srey 1007
CDI-2013-06-004 The Awareness and Practices of Students at the Institute of Foreign Languages Toward Colored-Trash June 20, 2013 Ung Visoth Panha, Ch 1324
CDI-2013-06-003 Before-Class Reading Preparation of Undergraduate Students: Gender, School Discipline, Individual In June 20, 2013 HUY Angtola, AN Bunn 1141
CDI-2013-06-002 The Knowledge of Cambodian Undergraduate Students on ASEAN Economic Integration in 2015 June 20, 2013 LY Venghong, DIN Kun 1322
CDI-2013-06-001 Research Methodology Department of International Studies Relationship between Home Environment and A June 20, 2013 Sovan Monyrath, Lay 1290
CDI-2013-03-011 ODA and Educational Development: Lesson from Cambodia April 22, 2013 Sopheaktra CHIN, Tha 950
CDI-2013-03-010 Human Rights, Potential Cambodia’s Economy Sectors in The Future, Development Aids and Official Deve April 22, 2013 Sreang Chanthearith, 984

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