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No Subject Date Author Views
CDI-2015-02-002 Population Policy Control in Singapore August 03, 2015 Khan Chenda 1560
CDI-2015-02-001 Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority's Leadership June 29, 2015 Khan Chenda 1787
CDI-2015-01-002 Determinants of Terrorist Attacks and the Relative Deprivation Theory March 31, 2015 SeEunYim, JinhwanOh 2150
CDI-2015-01-001 [Newsletter 2] Department of International Studies: Global Updates January 30, 2015 Virak Vinich, Amrin 1472
CDI-2014-04-003 Transitional Justice of Khmer Rouge Tribunal: Awareness and Perceptions of Cambodian Undergraduate S April 13, 2014 Kim Kinkesa, Lao Sok 2148
CDI-2014-04-002 The Perception and Preparation of IFL Students toward ASEAN Economic Community in 2015 April 12, 2014 SUM Sovanndeka, TANG 1973
CDI-2014-04-001 University Students’ Awareness and Perception of Foreign Aids to Cambodia April 11, 2014 Ky Sereyvuth, Lee Se 1255
CDI-2014-03-001 Official Development Assistance and Foreign Direct Investment:How Are They Affecting Economic Growth April 02, 2014 Nara Lee 1120
CDI-2014-02-002 [Newsletter 1] Department of International Studies Global Updates February 11, 2014 Admin 1043
CDI-2014-02-001 Environmental Kuznets Curve Revisited with Special Reference to Eastern Europe and Central Asia February 09, 2014 ChiHyun Yun 1310

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